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Het gedicht 'God' valt onder de categorie Hemel. Het is geschreven door Angel Heart op 28 augustus 2002 en heeft nog geen sterren verdient. (totaal hits: 353, maand hits: 50)


God is the centre of life, He`s the Begining and the End
that`s why He`s our Father and Best Friend
He created us and gave us life, without Him all the struggles, trail and tribulations we could never survive

When you`re down and in despair, don`t worry God is there
Just bent down on your knees and call on His name
eventhough you don`t see Him, He`s always the same
Everything is gonna be alright when God is on your side

At your side is where He wants to be, so give your life
to Him and He will set you free, 'Cast your burdens on Me', that`s what He said, don`t look back, but keep on moving straight ahead
Than God will see you through in everything you do

God Bless

Angel Heart

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