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Het gedicht 'You' valt onder de categorie Liefde. Het is geschreven door Angel Heart op 27 augustus 2002 en heeft in totaal 5 sterren verdient. Er is 1 keer gestemd op dit gedicht. (totaal hits: 457, maand hits: 35)


Once I was afraid I`d never find a special friend to really care about
I`ve wanted someone perfect at least for me
A special kind of talking, an honest way of listening, not being afraid to laugh or cry, kindness and understanding, fun and excitement, a special friend who would fill my heart with joy
I thought I`ve expected a lot, but I`m a believer and I believed that someday someone`s particular magic would change me
So inspite of all the waiting, the almost giving ups, it`s been worth it
It`s been worth a while and wishes do come true
`Cause what I`ve always wanted, isn`t a dream,
it`s YOU!

Angel Heart

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