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Het gedicht 'Hope' valt onder de categorie Verdriet. Het is geschreven door Anastasia Malkin op 19 juni 2011 en heeft nog geen sterren verdient. (totaal hits: 36, maand hits: 25)


Another fight, some tears are shed,
How long will this get out of hand?
I miss you boo, I can't erase
those memories and love we praise,

May hope will come and save our day,
Can't bear another minute without you,
Wish miracles would hear my prayer,
Love is extraordinary when shared with you,

Another fight, some words are said,
Wish I could feel the palm of your hand,
Missing you so,It's breaking my heart
to see two sweet lovers going apart,

May hope will come and save our souls,
I love you so much,I can't let you go,
Wish miracles would knock on my door,
How can I save us if you're letting go?

Hold on to me and we'll make it through,
I know I am stronger together with you,
Feel my love and see what I do,
Know that everything I do, is for you.

Anastasia Malkin

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