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Het gedicht 'You always miss a best friend' valt onder de categorie Rouw. Het is geschreven door Adissa Reijersen op 23 oktober 2009 en heeft in totaal 3 sterren verdient. Er is 2 keer gestemd op dit gedicht. (totaal hits: 104, maand hits: 42)

You always miss a best friend

I keep missing you,
while I'm trying to go on
I really have to let it go
Cause now you're forever gone
I was thinking of the future
And I was laughing about the past
Because I still remember
All the fun we had
Yes, I do miss you,
And yes, I will pray
That we will see again
Once, on a day
I cry about you day and night
And I will, until the end
I won't forget yu any time
Cause you were my best friend
I really try to understand
But I think I'll never do
I will always be with you
And I will forever love you,

You're best friend

Adissa Reijersen

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