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Het gedicht 'Untitled 2' valt onder de categorie Liefde. Het is geschreven door Anastasia Malkin op 17 oktober 2009 en heeft in totaal 5 sterren verdient. Er is 1 keer gestemd op dit gedicht. (totaal hits: 74, maand hits: 23)

Untitled 2

Look me in the eye
and say you mean the words,
You make me realize
that love is breakable,

I wish I could see
why it is you,
who takes my breath away,
I wish I could be
more that you deserve,
to know why I should stay,

Your eyes say many things
and yet never enough,
You're one great mystery,
Unpredictable love,

I wish I knew
what pulls me to you,
so I could control it,
Cause I get confused
and sometimes even cruel,
but you know me,

So here we are,
so close and still so far,
But your touch upon my skin
still gives me butterflies.

Anastasia Malkin

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