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Het gedicht 'This Love' valt onder de categorie Liefde. Het is geschreven door Anastasia Malkin op 25 september 2009 en heeft in totaal 5 sterren verdient. Er is 2 keer gestemd op dit gedicht. (totaal hits: 72, maand hits: 25)

This Love

My eyes constantly searching,
my heart beating with hope,
And when our eyes will meet,
we'll look into each others soul,

This feeling is overwhelming,
Wakening every cel in my body,
would you touch me to feel it?
Or will you leave it unnoticed?

Cause when you look at me
and I look at you,
The world just disappears,
It's only us two,
and when you look at me
you get me hypnotised,
No longer asking myself why,
I just enjoy my sight,

My eyes constantly searching,
Butterflies keep me awake,
so that I would witness a moment
that might change everything,

This moment is so exciting,
The pressure warms me up,
I long to feel your lips upon me
to feel more of this love,

For when I look at you
and you look at me,
Everything turns good
and living goes so easily,
I then not wonder why,
I simply believe,
The moment I see your eyes,
Life seems to find me.

Anastasia Malkin

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