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Het gedicht 'May we hear the songs the angels sing' valt onder de categorie Kerst. Het is geschreven door Alissa De Jong op 2 december 2007 en heeft in totaal 3.3 sterren verdient. Er is 7 keer gestemd op dit gedicht. (totaal hits: 483, maand hits: 30)

May we hear the songs the angels sing

May we hear the songs the angels sing
See the light that shines on everything
And free our hearts, find inner peace
Let go of thoughts not yet released
For tis the time of rhapsodies
Of happiness and melodies
Find beauty in the darkest night
For everywhere you can find light
The angels watch you from afar
Just seek to find the evening star
And follow it to better times
Where the bell of new things coming chimes
May you feel such love as lights the morning
Be swept away without a warning
Such love you never hoped to see
Cast off the chains and set it free
Could it be angels are waiting in the wing
Let go of sorrows, hear them sing.
Tis Christmas time, so full of grace
So cherish, love, forgive, embrace.

Alissa De Jong

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