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Het gedicht 'cry' valt onder de categorie Verdriet. Het is geschreven door *love* Ankie op 6 juni 2005 en heeft nog geen sterren verdient. (totaal hits: 347, maand hits: 58)


i sit in the park where i dwell forn this boy i love so well he took my heart away from me now he wnts to set me free i see a girl on his lap he says things to her he never said to me

i ran home to cry on my bed.not a word to mother was said father came home tate nigh he looked me from left to right he saw me hanging from a rope he took his knife to cut me down and on my dress a note was


dig my grave,digit deep
dig my grave from head to feet
and on the top place a dove
and remember this ,i died for love..........

*love* Ankie

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