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Het gedicht 'Geen titel 3' valt onder de categorie Liefde. Het is geschreven door Alexander Bouwmeester op 1 december 2004 en heeft in totaal 5 sterren verdient. Er is 1 keer gestemd op dit gedicht. (totaal hits: 277, maand hits: 37)

Geen titel 3

Staring at your beautiful face
Under the light of the moon
I suddenly realize the truth
For your charms Iím not immune

Youíve enchanted me with your smile
And your amazing eyes
One look from you towards me
And Iím for hours in the skies

Iíve tried so hard to deny it all
And Iíve tried so hard to conceal this
But I canít do it anymore
Because I long for your kiss

If Hades hasnít damned me
Maybe we could be together someday
And I sincerely hope
Itís before Iím old and grey

Alexander Bouwmeester

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