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Het gedicht 'Geen titel 2' valt onder de categorie Verdriet. Het is geschreven door Alexander Bouwmeester op 1 december 2004 en heeft nog geen sterren verdient. (totaal hits: 179, maand hits: 25)

Geen titel 2

I feel like the centaur Chiron, who chose to die to end his pain
Unfortunately I have to find an alternative
For the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one
I guess I’ll have to be adaptive

I keep saying to myself:
“Without the darkness, how would I recognize the light?
But that simply doesn’t work anymore
And I remain in this plight

Never have I felt so lonely and unwanted
I wish I could once more look into someone’s eyes and love
This is destroying me cell by cell
And I long to be with the gods high above

Alexander Bouwmeester

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