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Het gedicht 'My three best friends' valt onder de categorie Vriendschap. Het is geschreven door Griejanne Kremer op 27 november 2012 en heeft 4 sterren. Er is 4 keer gestemd op dit gedicht. (totaal hits: 15, maand hits: 14)

My three best friends

Trouble is my very best friend
He is there wherever I went
Where I go, my friend goes with me
He lives above my head, in a tree
When I donít pay attention, he jumps off
And criticized me from above
Trouble makes me mindful and careful
Nights without sleep: it makes me wakeful

Sadness is my second-best friend
There is a lot of love to spend
My friend makes me pay attention
Sadness gives me stress, but a lot tension
We belong together, My friend and I
He unload my heart when I cry
My sadness is there to regulate my pain
But when Iím with my friend, I always complain

There is also a third best friend
This friend will be a dissent
This friend is friendly and kind
Because of him my pain is far behind
He brings me happiness and fun
He makes troubles and sadness undone
A big smile and lovely wink
He will apply my layer of schmink
This is not my first best friend
Because this friend likes to pretend

Griejanne Kremer

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