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Het gedicht 'to a roo' valt onder de categorie Woede. Het is geschreven door Felicity op 21 mei 2010 en heeft in totaal 1 ster verdiend. Er is 1 keer gestemd op dit gedicht. (totaal hits: 22, maand hits: 8)

to a roo

leave me alone sucker,
i'll never lay my eyes on you again,
i'll stay away from you,
and love my new dear man.

fuck off and die,
though i loved you so,
now you're a loser,
you forced me to go.

if this is your way to play the game,
keep on going,
try to make me insane,
i'll hurt you a hunderd times more,
see me kicking you far out the door.

i hope you choke in the puke i spit in you,
i hope you get strangled by the hate i throw at you.
i hope you die for some reason yes..i...

think of your dick.
you make me SICK


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