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Het gedicht 'Nate' valt onder de categorie Relatie. Het is geschreven door Felicity op 22 mei 2010 en is nog niet beoordeeld. (totaal hits: 21, maand hits: 10)


you are the kind of person,
i thought id never meet.
too pretty, an all the love you give,
baby youre so sweet.

how did i deserve your love,
the kisses that you share,
its a priveledge to hear you breathe,
its the reason that i care.

i felt alone,and way too mad,
people leave me all the time,
im only good in bed.

just like me you were afraid,
to meet me for real,
you saw me dancing in the pole,
and thought i was too good for you.

i feel like a princess when im with you,
you make me happy whatever you do.
all the little things you do for me,
i want to do for you.


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