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Het gedicht 'all these men' valt onder de categorie Liefde. Het is geschreven door Felicity Postma op 12 juli 2012 en is nog niet beoordeeld. (totaal hits: 9, maand hits: 8)

all these men

i'm getting used to the way they treat me,
i feel no pain, i just learn more.
i will never be in need, see,
i walk away, and won't feel sore.

you can tell me i'm a bitch,
in my face please ,show me your guts.
i see you walking , in a glitch,
but i won't say hi,you'll think i'm nuts.

try to never talk to me again,
it will be hard, cause you're a man.
you'll feel sorry for the things you've said,
because one thing is a fact.
you'll never get me back in your bed.

keep feeling sorry for yourself man,
i won't feel sorry for you at all,
you shouldn't have kicked me out back then,
i don't see why? why do you even call?

Felicity Postma

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